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Bundle includes OFFICE, BLACK TIE and DATE fragrances.

Fragrance One Bundle For Him
PAKET FÜR IHN Verkaufspreis€579,00 Regulärer Preis€847,00

Customer Reviews

Based on 815 reviews
AHMED ALZAYER (Dammam, 04, SA)

Although I'm in love with perfume but
shame on you . This is the first time I buy from you and last time.
Since I bought a while ago, the perfume hasn't reached my box until it gets here
When I send you a message, you never respond. Damn you, worst company

Sergiu F. (Vienna, 9, AT)
One of the best fragrances for men.

I first bought this fragrance with the kickstarter campaign, getting the 2 bottle pack. After finishing the first bottle quite fast I startet to use the 2nd one more sparcely, even if it's one of my GFs favourite fragrances.
This fragrance got me the most compliments from anything I ever worn, and I feel awesome when I wear it because I also enjoy it a lot.

Got another bottle recently and the juice is the same as the first batch so I can enjoy this fragrance again more freely.

Junis S. H. (Bielefeld, NW, DE)
Ages like fine Wine

At first the cologne wasn’t that great. But after just a few days it got better. It still smells very good. First the order wasn’t shipped, which was the fault of the shipping company (DHL). The support and Jeremy were really nice and helpful and even sent me the order again even though it arrived after a week. I can’t complain about anything. DATE & OFFICE are really good! It is an synthetic scent. If you don’t like it you probably shouldn’t get one…

Jonas (Crailsheim, BW, DE)

I was very excited and had high expectations about the uniqueness and lasting of the fragrance and it’s good but it is a bit too soft (I know it is not made to be strong because it’s made for “office”) and it lasts but not outstanding long.

Jesús Yanini García (Valencia, VC, ES)
Very very very ver y bad

perfume with very bad duration

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